CSI Leasing Executives Begin to Pass the Torch

June 10, 2008

ST. LOUIS (June 10, 2008) – CSI Leasing has announced a reorganization of its top management. In addition to creating an office of the chairman, four long-term employees have been promoted to take on greater leadership roles.

The new office of the chairman will consist of Ken Steinback, Bill Gillula, and Kim Davis. Steinback, well known in the industry as CSI’s CEO for 22 years and a founder 36 years ago, has assumed the title of chairman of the company. Gillula, who has served as CSI’s president and COO for the past nine years, will now act as vice-chairman and CEO. Davis is a director of CSI Leasing and managing partner of Charlesbank Capital Partners. Steinback and Gillula look forward to focusing more attention on possible acquisitions and other growth opportunities.

Steve Hamilton, formerly executive vice president of international operations, has been promoted to president and COO. Arnaldo Rodriguez, who has led CSI’s fastest-growing unit, CSI Latina, for many years, is promoted to president of CSI International. Larry Schinsky, executive vice president and sales manager for CSI’s Southeast region, is assuming the additional role of national sales manager for all of the US and Canada. Lastly, Manuel Ortiz is promoted to COO of CSI’s Central and South American companies.

Ken Steinback and Bill Gillula will remain very active providing consultation and advice to senior management during this transition. Steinback commented, “Neither Bill nor I plan to retire but feel confident that these organizational changes are in the best interest for the long term growth and continued success of CSI. The time is right to pass the torch to those who have helped us build this great company and who have truly been running the day to day operations for many years. Bill and I plan to concentrate on growth and long term profitability. Our overall goal is to make CSI Leasing the biggest and the most profitable company in our business and the best place to work.”